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  • Compelled to Control

    Wednesdays @ 6:45 PM in A101

    Starts 02/03, Book $15.00

    Another great study from J. Keith Miller in which you will learn to identify areas in your life that you attempt to control. Find tools to identify God’s will versus your own will.

  • Search For Significance

    Wednesdays @ 6:45 PM in A106

    Starts 02/03, Book $15.00

    Do any of these describe you? Performance Trap – always needing to

    achieve more. Blame Game – your failures make you unworthy. Shame

    Thinking – you cannot change and are hopeless. Approval Addiction –

    always needing others approval. If so, this course is for you. The course is designed to help you change your thinking about Circumstances you

    encounter by revealing God as the true source of your self-worth.

  • Life Change For Every Christian

    Wednesdays @ 6:45 PM in A205

    Starts 02/03, Book $15.00

    This is the Biblical twelve step process that Dr. James Reeves

    developed for churches around the world (Formally known as the

    ABC’s of Life Change). What a timely study!

    Life Change will help us discover that we are powerless over

    circumstances in our lives (like viruses and political upheaval). Not

    only are we powerless but God is fully capable to direct us, if we let Him

    do so. Life Change for every Christian will address not just the outside

    circumstances but the root causes of our fear, anxiety, anger and our

    disappointment. James provides us with an easy to remember processes using the alphabet. Come join this group and experience Life Change!

    (Maximum of 10 people).

  • Strength For the Journey

    Wednesdays @ 6:45 PM in A206

    Starts 02/03, Book $5.00

    A Biblical perspective on Discouragement and Depression.

    This study focusses attention on the important role of hope in overcoming discouragement and depression. This study will give biblical examples such as Paul the apostle, it will unfold his story, and will provide his journey of daily surrender to Christ. In this group environment you will experience the journey of healing with your fellow Christ followers as you all traverse the challenges of discouragement and depression, together discovering hope along the way.

  • Conquering Codependency (Men Only)

    Wednesdays @ 6:45 PM in B101

    Starts 02/03

    Codependency is the myth that you can make yourself happy by trying to control the people and events outside yourself. A sense of control, or the lack of, is central to what you do and think. If this rings a bell, join us for a course designed to examine the reasons for and solutions to your

    codependency behaviors.

  • Fearless Freedom Group

    Workbook & Video (Women ONly)

    Wednesdays @ 6:45 PM in A109

    Starts 02/03

    This is the follow up to watching the Fearless video series. The fearless series was designed to open the discussion of sexual abuse. The Group is designed to began the healing journey of sexual abuse. This will allow you to continue building a safe community of encouraging women in your life. You will learn to grieve, learn to trust, and to be vulnerable with safe women. This process can open up your life to a new freedom with Christ!

  • Song of Solomon (Virtual) (For couples) 

    Sundays @ 10:30 AM in A109

    Starts 02/07, Book $15.00

    This Song of Solomon study is comprised of a short video session coupled with an interactive group that will support and encourage your marriage and relationships! We will address the topics of attraction, dating, courtship, intimacy, conflict resolution, romance and commitment. Tommy Nelson speaks directly and humorously on each of these topics. The in-person group will provide the safe place to develop and apply each topic in a healthy manner. Please don’t miss this opportunity and join!