Faith Path

What is Faith Path?

At City On a Hill, we believe that God designed the family as the primary place for discipleship. The Faith Path initiative exists to partner with you as you guide your child's faith journey one step at a time. It's birthday driven, meaning each time you celebrate your child's birthday, another packet of tools and resources will be available for you to utilize for that year of your child's life.

I've registered, and want to watch the video for my packet.

Below are links to the videos for each topic. If you've received a packet and read the letter, you are ready to begin by watching the video for your topic.


This is the overview for the Faith Path.

Parent Dedication

This is not a child dedication, but a parent dedicating himself/herself to raising their child in the fear and admonition of the Lord.


For this year of your child's life, you will teach your child what it means when God blesses us and how ultimately we should be a blessing to others.

Family Time

Spending time together as a family is so crucial to the development of your children, both emotionally and spiritually, but intentionally connecting on a regular basis is tough. This packet will give you great, practical ways to make it happen.

Prepare to Lead Your Child to Christ

What a privilege it is for parents to lead their kids to love and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. This kit will give you the tools to feel comfortable with this process no matter where you are in your own faith.

Salvation and Baptism

If and when your child is born again, this kit will give you further tools to help grow in their new faith.


For this year, you will teach your child the power and importance of prayer in the life a believer.


Instill in your child the love and desire to know God by reading and studying the Bible.


In this kit you will teach your children that worship is more than an action. It's an attitude.

Giving and Serving

God gives His people gifts and resources. How do we serve Him with these things? Teach your kids how with this kit.

Preparing for Adolescence

Adolescence is a time where changes begin happening quickly in the life your child. You can help prepare them for this season.


How do we help our children go against the norm and live a life filled with the intense joys only purity can bring? Use this kit to find out.

Rite of Passage

Challenge your teen to leave behind the world of childhood and invite them into the ranks of emerging adulthood.


Whether your son or daughter is going off to college, joining the military or entering the workforce, how can you be intentional about successfully launching them into a God-honoring life?